100% Accurate & Sure Shot Trading MCX Tips

Main Features:
1⃣ Daily 3 – 4 Accurate Tips Provide With Proper Follow Up.βœ”
2⃣ Covering Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Natrual Gas Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Lead, Aluminium Only.πŸ’―
3⃣ Daily Profit: Rs. 35000-40000🏧
4⃣ Highest Accuracy Level Above 94%.πŸ”
5⃣ All Tips Are Only Intraday Basis Not Positional.β„’
6⃣ All Important News &Information Related To Commodities Market.πŸ’»
7⃣ Our Technical Expert Provide Highest Accuracy From Another Company. πŸ’―βœ…
8⃣ Support Time: Morning 8⃣ Am To Night 1⃣2⃣ Am
♏edium Of Calls:
1⃣ All Tips Provide You Via SMS BP-BNGURU, Whats App & Yahoo Messenger With Website Login Function.πŸ“±β˜Ž
2⃣ SMS Service Are Available To All Over India With 206 Countries.
3⃣ We Send SMS Through 1 Second Quick Delivery System.
πŸ†‘Calls πŸ”£Calculations:

In Bullion Segment:
Gold Call:
Target : 120 Point
Stoploss: 70 Point

Silver Call:
Target : 350 Point
Stoploss: 250 Point

In Energy Segment:

Crude Oil Call:
Target : 35 Point
Stoploss: 30 Point

Natural Gas Call:
Target : 3 Point
Stoploss: 2 Point

In Basemetal Segment:

Copper Call:
Target : 3 Point
Stoploss: 2 Point

Zinc Call:
Target : 1 Point
Stoploss: 0.60 Point

Lead Call:
Target : 1 Point
Stoploss: 0.70 Point

Nickel Call:
Target : 10 Point
Stoploss: 7 Point
Mr. Ankit Agarwal
(Sales Manager)

Miss. Sonali Sharma
(Sales Department)

Miss. Sakshi Arora
(Sales Department)

Mr. Abhijeet Sinha
(Account Department)

Mr. Rohan Verma
(Support Department)

Miss. Swati Arora
(Support Department)


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